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Birtwistles Factory Shop

At our factory butcher shop, we believe that true excellence is born from passion, precision, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Our wide selection of meat products embodies this philosophy, offering a symphony of flavours, tenderness, and succulence. Each product reflects a proud tradition of butchery, crafted with meticulous attention from farm to table. We source only the finest cuts from trusted suppliers, ensuring each piece of meat meets our stringent standards. We invite you to explore our wide range of fresh, restaurant-quality meats at affordable prices, and experience the difference that passion and precision make. Our dedication ensures that every product you choose from our butcher shop is nothing short of exceptional.

Full range of quality meat

Our selection includes traditional favourites like Farmhouse and Cumberland sausages, minted lamb burgers, and chicken fillets in many different flavours, all available in our unbeatable ‘3 for £10’ deals.

For those who seek a gourmet touch, our specialty items such as Italian meatballs and lamb kofta meatballs are crafted to perfection, providing a rich, flavourful experience. Our premium offerings include various cuts of beef steaks and joints, flavoured pork ribs, and 8-piece cut chicken in a selection of marinades, as well as plain chicken fillets.

Are you ready to discover the superior taste and quality that sets our butcher shop apart?

We invite you to visit our factory butcher shop today!

Where to find us

The Birtwistles Catering Butchers Factory Shop is conveniently located with easy access from Gilchrist Road.

Opening hours

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am – 2pm

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