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‘Meat’ the Team

Great people are hard to find. They bring character, personality and talent to the business.

When you put a team of great people together you can achieve great things.

You can see passion in everyone at Birtwistles. We’d like to introduce you to just a few members of our team, who’ll give you a flavour of what makes us different.

Glenn Eastwood

Managing Director

Glenn Eastwood, Managing Director at Birtwistles, embodies exceptional leadership and dedication. Beginning his career in the meat industry at 15, Glenn's journey from a slaughterman to leading a multi-million-pound business showcases his relentless work ethic, with his passion and commitment being key to Birtwistles' success and pride in every order.

Mark Bradbury

Finance Director

Mark drives Birtwistles forward with strategic and financial planning. With over 30 years as a Finance Director in the food industry, Mark's expertise is invaluable. He provides daily management information that impacts the business and ensures flexibility to adapt to economic and industry changes. His dedication and insight is crucial for future investments and continuous improvement.

Ian Hasnip

Operations Director

Ian transitioned from a professional football career with York, Hull, and Aston Villa to becoming a key player in the meat industry. With extensive experience from starting as a butcher to managing the factory process at the UK's largest lamb producer, Ian brings invaluable expertise to Birtwistles. His motto, "Quality. Service. Efficiency," reflects his drive to lead his team to success.

Joanne Fairlie

Technical Director

Joanne with nearly 40 years in the meat industry, ensures Birtwistles operates to the highest technical standards. She oversees hygiene, food safety, learning and development and sustainability maintaining rigorous standards. Her extensive knowledge, diligence and passion are vital assets, contributing to the company's commitment to food safety culture and excellence.

Elizabeth Watts

Company Secretary

Elizabeth leverages extensive financial expertise and over three decades of dedication to ensure smooth operations. Her role spans administration, marketing, and organising site visits, supporting our high standards of service. Elizabeth's commitment to maintaining growth and a customer-focused philosophy has been pivotal in Birtwistles' rise as a leading catering butcher in the UK.

Andy Green

Head of Sales & Development

Andy brings a deep passion for both meat and sales. With over 30 years of experience as a butcher and salesman, he excels in building and maintaining strong customer relationships, consistently delivering exceptional service. His dedication to introducing Birtwistles to new clients and developing innovative products highlights his great commitment to the company's success.

Jill Holgate

National Sales Manager

Jill brings a wealth of experience from her farming background to excel in the UK catering butcher industry. With a hands-on approach and extensive sales proficiency, Jill is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations nationwide. She takes pride in Birtwistles' unique offerings and culture of exceptional service, ensuring our standards remain consistently high.

Jonny Forrester

National Sales Manager

Jonny combines expertise from food industry procurement and a decade in banking. Since joining our sales team, Jonny has driven business growth through strong customer relationships in pubs and restaurants. He's passionate about collaborating on new menus and product development. Jonny's dedication to the meat industry and team spirit makes him an integral part of our ongoing success.