The Feathers Hotel group book into Birtwistles

We invited the team from long standing customers The Feathers Hotel Group to our factory for a day designed to give them an insight into what makes Birtwistles special. As a large group of 3 & 4 star hotels, each with its own stylish restaurant, they were keen to discover how we consistently produce such top quality meat and we were more than happy to show them.

We welcomed our guests with a coffee and an introductory presentation about our operation. Then after a full tour of the factory, we gave them a lesson in sausage making and invited them to have a go.

We really enjoyed welcoming the team here and it seems the feeling was mutual. Here’s what they had to say:

“We enjoyed the presentation and getting to know Birtwistles’ operation, offering and all the people that are involved. We’re currently organising a chefs visit to learn more about alternative cuts for the new menu.”

We look forward to welcoming The Feathers Hotel Group back very soon.