Ian McInnes

Our Factory manager, Ian McInnes, started his career in the meat industry at 12 years old with a Saturday job as a butcher’s boy. Nearly 45 years on, he’s built up a wealth of expertise in a variety of areas within the meat industry, developing an impressive skill-set that spans butchery, technical and production.

In January 2015 Ian first joined Birtwistles, his first impressions were that this was a very clean and well-organised business that represented a new and exciting challenge in his career. His arrival added yet another experienced, mature, level-headed and tenacious member to our already highly talented team.

“I’m always prepared to do whatever the business needs. I’m not comfortable leaving a job half finished, my personality simply won’t allow me to do it. I always go the extra mile to get the job completed to a very high standard.”

As Factory Manager, Ian is responsible for all the operations in the factory apart from technical and hygiene. He’s there to make sure that all our orders are fulfilled. This involves everything from managing the workforce, ensuring good stock rotation, monitoring health and safety and making sure that we satisfy our customers’ demands in full and on time, every time.

Ian believes that there are a number of things that make Birtwistles special. Firstly, there’s a phenomenal team spirit here, everyone genuinely cares about the service we provide and we all work hard together to achieve the same goal. Secondly, we’re happy to tailor our service to meet the needs of the customer; we don’t restrict you to a limited set price-list. If you want something special we’ll do everything we can to source the right product at the right price.

Everyone at Birtwistles is proud of the way that the business has grown and Ian hopes to play a big part in progressing this growth and continuing to move the company forwards. He’s already looking at ways of refining our yield and cutting processes in order to our further improve our already exemplary service to customers.