Phil Carney

Group Transport Manager Phil Carney is one of our real success stories. Since arriving 9 years ago as a driver he’s rapidly risen through the ranks of our company and is now in charge of a national fleet of over 80 vehicles across the UK.

When Phil started working with us it didn’t take him long to show the qualities he had. We could see his talent from day one and before long he’d been promoted to Senior Driver and offered further opportunities to progress. He’s the kind of person who thrives on opportunity and in no time he’d completed numerous training courses and become a highly qualified transport professional.

“We’re always looking at ways to improve the fleet and our drivers. We offer extra training to improve skills and increase efficiency. The benefits for the customers, company and the drivers are fantastic.”

Phil has grown with the business and as a result he knows our transport network inside out. He prides himself on forward planning and brings a calm, level headed approach to management that’s perfectly suited to running our fleet. He never panics and is always ready to react and handle problems as soon as they arise. Knowing Phil has got everything under control provides a reassuring confidence that allows everyone to get on with deliveries effectively.

Each of our sites in Manchester, Glasgow and Milton Keynes have their own dedicated transport manager and it’s Phil’s job to oversee each of them, provide support where possible and make wider decisions involving the fleet. The overall goal is obviously to make sure that our customers get their deliveries safely and on time. Accomplishing this on a daily basis gives Phil and his team a real sense of achievement.

There’s a lot of invaluable work that Phil does behind the scenes that makes a huge impact on the business as a whole. In recent years Phil has overseen a significant investment in the transport fleet, which has included the introduction of telematics and cameras in the vehicles. In addition to this the business has embarked on a huge driver training programme.

Phil’s incredibly diligent and clever planning has been a key factor in building our reputation for consistently and reliably making deliveries on time.