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Waste Policy

Statement of Intent

It is our policy to ensure a high level of commitment to good environmental practice throughout our activities. This document expands on that policy as it relates to waste minimisation and recycling. It is intended to develop the existing Environmental Policy by minimising the production of waste through good purchasing practice, reuse, and economic recycling. To help ensure we give suitable proper consideration to our environmental management responsibilities, and to assist in the minimisation of waste and the recycling of the materials wherever practicable, systems and procedures will be implemented to encourage the recycling and reuse of materials with a goal to minimising the overall levels of waste produced by the business. All members of staff are expected to abide by the following procedures and cooperate with management in the execution of this policy.

Aims and Objectives

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment and reducing the level of waste, we have implemented the following specific aims:

• Cultivate a work ethic with a high level of awareness of waste minimisation and recycling.

• Encourage the purchase of recycled materials and those which are suitable for disposal by recycling.

• Favour suppliers who operate according to sound environmental principles.

• Minimise waste by encouraging the re-use of equipment and materials amongst departments.

 • Develop a wide range of recycling schemes.

• Promote economy in the use of paper and the selection of print formats and document styles.

• Encourage departments to establish local recycling schemes which are relevant to their departmental activities.

Future Recycling

We are committed to expanding our recycling initiatives. Procedures for recycling other wastes will be developed and implemented over time, where practicable. Other schemes which the business will investigate include:

• Composting of organic and bio-degradable materials.

• Anaerobic digestion.

• Collection of and recycling of glass-based products.