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Water Policy

Statement of Intent

MJ Birtwistles & Co Ltd pursues excellence in protecting the environment in every aspect of our business including its water management. It is our obligation to ensure that wastage and inefficient use of water resources within the workplace is kept to a minimal level. As a business customer, we pay for all the water that passes through our meter, so it makes sound financial sense to guarantee we are not pouring money down the drain. We also recognise that water is a precious resource, and that the way we use it has implications for the environment, both through the demand we place on local water resources, and through our potential to pollute the water we use. To help guarantee we give due and proper consideration to our environmental management responsibilities, and to assist in the minimisation of water consumption and the efficient use of water in the workplace, this policy will be circulated and taught to prevent unnecessary wastage. All staff are expected to abide by this policy and cooperate with management in the execution of this policy.

Management of Water Use

Further to the general statement above, we aim to reflect our commitment to sustainable development through the way we use water in our business.

Accordingly, we will:

• Use water efficiently.

• Avoid causing water pollution.

• Minimise expenditure on water consumption.

To achieve this, we will:

• Monitor the consumption of water within our buildings and premises.

• Identify processes with high water consumption.

• Introduce cost-effective water saving devices where appropriate.

• Promptly repair leaks where identified on the business premises.

• Raise awareness about the environmental implications of water use and promote good practice.

• Champion water efficiency and usage with our staff, and specifically our Hygiene Department.

MJ Birtwistles & Co Ltd seek continuous improvement in maintaining water quality whilst reducing usage and prioritise working towards increased environmental efforts to benefit the planet.