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Training & Development Centre

Training and Development Centre

Our state-of-the-art, fully equipped Training and Development Centre offers a relaxed yet professional environment ideal for tasting, training, and product development. Chefs, butchers, and customers of all skill levels can benefit from utilising our Training and Development Centre. Whether you’re looking to enhance your culinary skills, refine your menu, or innovate new products, our facilities are perfectly suited for your needs.

Employees across our entire business benefit from top-notch, in-house training sessions designed to deepen their product knowledge. Our Training and Development Centre provides excellent facilities that complement our quality teaching. This combination ensures our staff and apprentices have the best opportunities to refine their skills and build successful careers at Birtwistles.

Customer experience sessions

We offer expert meat cutting experiences covering beef, pork, lamb, steak, poultry and game.

Each course guides participants through breaking down carcasses into primal cuts and transforming them into menu-worthy dishes across various food sectors. Demonstrations showcase portion yields per primal cut and suggest alternative cuts to maximise gross profit. 

Participants also gain insights into each type of meat and have their questions answered by our experienced Master Butchers. Each course offers unique learning opportunities to enhance knowledge and production techniques.

Meet our Chef

Stephen Midgley is a renowned expert in the catering industry, dedicated to helping restaurant owners, senior managers, and businesses achieve excellence, profitability, and operational success.

With a background as a Michelin Starred Head Chef and Group Executive Chef, Stephen partners with Birtwistles Catering Butchers to enhance its operations and product offerings.

As a catering consultant, Stephen leverages decades of experience to guide businesses in innovating, developing menus, ensuring compliance with food regulations, and implementing effective systems for sustained growth and consistency.

Meeting rooms & workshops

In addition to our Training and Development Centre, customers are welcome to use our modern meeting rooms. These spaces are perfect for efficient work sessions, enabling chefs and management to achieve specific catering objectives in one location.

Workshop topics include new product development, margin management, alternative cuts, chicken shop concepts, street food innovations, burger creations, BBQ techniques, menu launches, Christmas menu planning, and comprehensive staff training involving chefs, sales teams, and front-of-house staff.

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