BBQ Colour & Flavours

Our intrepid Southern Sales Team attended the Baxter Storey Food File at The Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge.  Approximately 150 delegates from Baxter Storey units attended.  The focus for this event was on BBQ colour and flavours.  A variety of marinated meats and flavours was presented along with a variety of sausages and steaks.  Andy Woods was on hand to do a butchery demonstration.


This was some of the feedback:-

“This has a real Baxter Storey feel”

 “ Wow this is a fantastic” 

 “Never experienced anything like this”

“This is a true reflection on you hard work, dedication and commitment and support. The execution of ideas that were displayed really came to light.”

 “ It just shows that  how you have supported us really makes Food file a great place for all”

Andy Woods Butchery Demo