Christmas Fundraising 2021

After a break last year our Annual Charity Raffle & Fundraising is back.  Thanks go to our suppliers & customers for donating prizes, our staff for buying lots & lots of raffle tickets and our Directors for once again providing additional prizes. We have raised an amazing £11,000 which we have added to the £1,500 that was raised via sponsorship for our colleagues who ran the Manchester 10K & Half Marathon in September giving a total of £12,500.  We are simply amazed at how well our fund raising has gone this year and the support we have received.

This year our chosen charity is Kidneys for Life and specifically to fund some important research which will benefit children who are born with bladder exstrophy. This occurs where the skin over the lower abdominal wall does not form properly leading to the bladder being open & exposed.  These children then have to undergo reconstruction and often do not develop the necessary bladder capacity to achieve continence. This has an enormous impact on their quality of life. These children need bladder augmentation. The first bladder augmentation was performed using small bowel in 1898 and the same technique is still used today. Kidneys for Life together with a team from York University are doing research to test a new method of using decellularised tissue to expand the bladder and to see if this creates a better alternative to the standard procedure.

Thank you once again for all the support.

The photos show some of the entries for the Christmas Jumper Day – needless to say Krzyzstof Rynkiewicz won with his wonderful Christmas Suit.  Congratulations Krzyzstof – enjoy the Champagne & Chocolates.