Glenn’s South American Adventure

The purpose of the visit was to check the traceability and verification of the Black Angus blood lines of the Ana-Paula Black Angus.

Glenn flew to Uruguay and visited the Pul factory with some of our customers including the Casual Dining Group, George Abrahams and Minerva Foods.

They then went to a farm that is the home to 65,000 Black Angus sitting on 200,000 acres of farm land. They have over half a hectare to graze on every day as they are on an 8 day rotation system by field. All Free Range..

Then on to Paraguay to audit 3 plants with a view to listing the Black Angus from them. Final stage was in Argentina in the Pampas region to look at Black Angus options. This covered specifications and PH levels and other cuts that may work for the business.

All in all a very useful and insightful trip!