Well worth
the wait.

Patience, expertise and attention to detail are what make Dukesmoor special. We work with the best, we take our time and we do things properly. This way we can ensure that nothing spoils the succulent flavour and eating quality of the meat.

We slowly lower the temperature of the beef over ten hours until it’s chilled. This extra patience helps to guard against ‘cold shortening’, when the muscles contract and make the meat tough if the temperature is dropped too quickly.

An expert grader together with our Master Butcher then meticulously assess the shape, muscle, leanness and external fat development of every carcass to see if they meet our exacting specifications. It is then dry aged in a sealed chiller for fourteen days to reduce moisture and increase flavour. Nothing moves in this room. The door is locked and alarmed. It’s strictly no entry to ensure the integrity of the dry aging process.

After fourteen days, we release the door lock and debone the meat using a clean air injection technique that allows the butcher to accurately cut to our precise specifications. It is then vacuum packed for yet another fourteen days to complete the maturation process. The meat is then hand selected and a final detailed inspection is carefully undertaken. Then and only then is it approved to be worthy of the Dukesmoor brand. A more distinguished steak is now ready… are you?