Over eighty
clocks ring.

It’s four in the morning and the tranquil dawn silence is broken in farmhouses across Britain. Our specially selected farmers are preparing to face the day and take centre stage on the Dukesmoor journey.

These farmers breed and rear our cattle, allowing them to mature naturally over three years. You cannot rush perfection, that’s why our farmers take their time and we pay them a premium for a job well done. This relationship allows us to make assurances that all our cattle enjoy a calm, stress free life and a high quality diet.

The feed is also grown and prepared on the farms, so we can guarantee its quality. After all, if you want superior beef, you need superior feed. Our specially formulated mixture of straw, molasses, barley and oats aids the animals’ digestion and gives the meat a rich, textured, white marbling throughout. The cattle are free to enjoy this at their leisure as they graze naturally, which prepares them for the specialist cereal finishing diet they are given for their last hundred days on the farm.

Of course, there’s more to consistent marbling than the feed. This is why we exclusively source native British prime steers and heifers including traditional Beef Shorthorn, Hereford cattle and Aberdeen Angus. These breeds, reared to our unique specification, consistently deliver a higher standard of flavour, succulence and tenderness.