Nardia Rorke

Nardia Rorke is our Senior Data Analyst.

Nardia works closely with our Sales and Procurement Teams to provide invaluable information through incredible attention to detail at all times. Her team look after all the pricing and the code library with each of our over 6000 products having their own product code. Every code must be correct so that when a customer orders a product, they get the correct product. As you can imagine this is a massive undertaking but with the support of her team, she makes it look easy!

Another function of the team is that they produce monthly statistics for our customers. These can be reports allowing the customer to see what they are buying, when they bought it, what it cost and for larger groups this is further broken down by unit. Customer feedback is that these monthly statistics are extremely helpful in helping them plan their resources and tracking trends. The team has been complimented on attention to detail and the excellent turnaround when asked for additional reports as nothing is too much trouble for this team!

It can be a very pressured department but Nardia prides herself on working well under pressure and running a tight ship. Always happy to help and a smile on her face Nardia embodies the true Birtwistles spirit.

“In my six years of being part of the Birtwistles family I have seen our company grow from strength to strength. I am proud to be part of a great team of people, who strive to keep building great relationships with our customers and providing a first-class service”