Jo Fairlie

Group Technical Manager Jo Fairlie and her team ensure that we consistently operate with exemplary technical standards at all times. She ensures that the correct processes in hygiene, food safety and traceability are understood and implemented throughout the company.

Jo’s been working in the meat industry for over 28 years, across a broad spectrum of food products. This gives her an invaluable range of knowledge and expertise that‘s been vital in helping us achieve retail standard in the factory.

She’s responsible for overseeing and maintaining the technical standards across 3 sites. That’s a lot to look after but Jo manages to keep her eye on everything to make sure that absolutely nothing drops below the required standard. Her incredible diligence and attention to detail is such an asset in this regard.

“We’ve invested massively in great people. We take their knowledge and experience and apply it to catering with a personal touch. I love that we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve.”

Jo is very serious about technical and this attitude runs through the entire company, staff in every department can confidently discuss traceability, procedures and processes, and the factory operates at a very high level at all times.

It goes without saying that traceability is extremely important to a business like ours. Jo and her team make sure that all our meat is only sourced from a fully approved suppliers list with complete traceability. We have a responsibility to our customers to consistently meet the high standards set by external bodies like the FSA, Trading Standards, RPA, Red Tractor and Freedom Foods.

Jo loves to share her technical knowledge and challenge our team to improve; she’s a real driving force and has instilled a desire to achieve amongst our staff, who now take great pride in our accreditations and the way we do things. This approach benefits not only technical, but the company as a whole, for example our sales team is capable of going out and talking about our technical processes with customers.