Rachael Cassell

Sales Office Support Manager Rachael Cassell has all the qualities you need to successfully manage 1300 orders each day from our customers. She’s blessed with great confidence, a strong personality and of course the perfect telephone manner.

With over a thousand calls a day, the phone never seems to stop in our sales department, and thankfully we’ve got a fantastic team of dedicated, friendly people waiting to take your call 24 hours a day. Rachael leads by example, using over 20 years of experience in the catering industry to motivate her team and keep our customers smiling.

“I’ve seen this company grow during my time here and I’m very proud of the part I have played in helping them achieve so many great things.”

Rachael and her colleagues thrive in this non-stop customer focused environment. It’s such an important part of the business because, if the sales office support team doesn’t perform, then orders don’t get processed on time, the factory falls behind and our drivers end up being late. But we have built a first class team that ensures that we can consistently deliver the right orders at the right time.

Our sales office support team knows a lot more than just how to take an order. As part of their personal development they receive monthly training from our Master Butcher, who presents different cuts of meat and preparation. We feel it’s important that whoever you’re speaking to here at Birtwistles has a degree of expertise and knowledge about the products that we sell.

Rachael’s a big believer in quality, and just as we put great effort into ensuring that every cut of meat is prepared and delivered at it’s finest, we apply the same care and attention to detail in our Sales Office Support Department. Everyone here really cares about the work they do and share a pride in the company; something that we hope comes across when you talk to Rachael and her team.