Elizabeth Watts

Elizabeth’s official title may be Company Secretary, but that doesn’t quite do justice to the vital and varied role that she plays in keeping the company running smoothly. Her exemplary communication skills, ability to co-ordinate multiple departments and years of financial expertise (as a former practising accountant) make her a real asset to the business.

Elizabeth’s association with Birtwistles goes back to 1985 and she joined the business in 2001. Since then she’s played a vital role in the company; being responsible for administration, working with IT systems, management, marketing and helping to organise and run site visits. Elizabeth basically does whatever’s required to help keep the company operating at our usual high level.

“A big part of my job is helping to keep everything running smoothly. I like to think of the business as being like a swan; calm and elegant on the surface but there’s a lot of paddling that goes on underneath. I help with the work behind the scenes.”

During her time with the business, Elizabeth is proud to have played a part in our remarkable growth. Everyone in our team works very hard to keep us moving forward, and becoming one of the top catering butchers in the UK is a fitting reward for everyone’s hard work.

Elizabeth believes that one of the most impressive things about our success has been the fact that our philosophy has remained exactly the same. No matter how big we get as a company, we’ll always care about every single customer and go above and beyond to meet their individual needs.