Steve Edwards

Steve Edwards is the Depot Manager of our Milton Keynes site. He’s a master of distribution with over 40 years experience. A loyal, committed and dedicated manager, whose incredible passion, hard work and attention to detail form the foundations of our southern operation.

Every morning at 3am Steve arrives on site and gets to work sorting through the day’s deliveries to manage the logistics of the day ahead. Around 400 orders are handled here daily, delivering anywhere from the Midlands to Kent, Cornwall and everywhere in between, which as you can imagine, means that there’s a lot of planning to be done.

“I’m very proud of the depot and how my staff are committed to turning up so early everyday and doing such a great job.”

This can be a challenge to Steve and his team, but it’s one he relishes and takes great pride in overcoming on a daily basis. Quality route-planning is essential and it’s vital that all our orders and information are correct before they leave the site, which is where Steve’s keen eye for detail comes into play. He diligently checks through all the vans’ paperwork, addresses and orders before they leave, giving the team and himself the opportunity to resolve any potential issues quickly and efficiently.

Steve’s also a great motivator and a keen problem-solver; two qualities that are invaluable in this environment. Every morning he organises and motivates his fleet of drivers to pull together and prepare for the day ahead. He loves a happy working atmosphere and goes to great lengths to ensure everyone is happy and smiling when they leave the depot… which is easier said than done at 4 in the morning!

Steve loves what he does and thrives on new challenges. He’s always looking to the future to find even better ways to refine our processes to ensure that our customers always receive their orders on time, every time.