Jonny Forrester

National Sales Manager Jonny Forrester has now been with the business for five years. Jonny has a background in procurement within the food industry, but prior to that worked for RBS for 10 years. Since joining Birtwistles Jonny has played a big part in the growth of the business, building strong relationships with long standing customers along the way.

Jonny mainly looks after the pub and restaurant side, but no business sector is off limits when it comes to discussing meat! Jonny loves being out and about with his customers.

“Working on new menus and New Product Development is something that really excites me. There is nothing better than putting ideas across to chefs and managers and then seeing it do well on their menus within their sites. This could be a new blend of sausage or burger, a new flavour profile to go with a pork steak and everything in between.”

Jonny is a great team player and every year he cannot wait to get in the factory over Christmas period to show off his roulade making skills!!

I love being a part of this ever growing business. The meat industry is by far the most challenging I have worked in, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope that I can continue to be an integral part of the team for many years to come.”