Kirsti Hatswell

Human Resources Manager Kirsti Hatswell has spent her entire working life helping people. She’s got 30 years of experience working in HR roles within the food industry, as well as 10 years with the Special Constabulary in the Greater Manchester Police Force. She’s a dedicated and caring individual who helps look after all the people who make Birtwistles great.

We place a huge importance on our people, so it’s very important to have someone with Kirsti’s skillset working with us. She’s very thorough and detail conscious, and also has a very flexible, understanding and positive approach that we can all benefit from.

“Birtwistles is an excellent company to work for. We’ve managed to create and maintain a real family environment with a positive team atmosphere. It’s the ideal place for hard working people to flourish and enjoy real job satisfaction.”

As our HR Manager, Kirsti is responsible for all staff across our three busy sites. She’s responsible for managing all aspects of HR, which includes everything from recruitment, grievance and discipline to interviews, employee meetings, appraisals and more.

Like most people at Birtwistles, Kirsti is not afraid to go above and beyond for the business and its employees. She regularly works long hours and often works with the night shift to resolve any issues that can’t be resolved during the daytime. She’s very proud of what she’s achieved during her career and is looking forward to further growth and progression with the business.