Ian Hasnip

Our Operations Director, Ian Hasnip spent a number of years as a professional footballer with York, Hull and Aston Villa but now he’s a key player here at Birtwistles. A butcher by trade and a winner by nature, Ian gets the best out of his team and makes sure that we always get the job done.

Starting on the butchers block in a local shop to managing the factory process at the UK’s largest lamb producer, Ian has gained a vast wealth of butchery experience. It is this experience that Ian brings to the Birtwistles business.

In a nutshell, Ian’s responsible for everything from intake to despatch. He’s a passionate manager who understands that teamwork is the key to everything we do – after all you don’t process and despatch over 1300 orders by 6am every day without the right line-up and great teamwork.

“Everyone knows the business. Everyone lives it. Everyone understands what the customer expects and that’s what we work for. You play to your strengths and I believe our people are the real strength of Birtwistles.”

His motto is ‘Quality. Service. Efficiency’, and that’s what he’s here to make sure we deliver. In order to do this he needs to keep his team working together smoothly and effectively, which is where over 25 years experience and his sporting background really come into play.

Attention to detail, passion and drive are just a few of the things that Ian brings to the business. He’s strict on quality and determined to hit targets; he’s the type of person who’s never afraid to go above and beyond, always ready to come in and do the extra hours to support his team when the need arises.

Ian’s aura spreads throughout the factory, everyone is positive, hard working and dedicated to their job. We’ll do the jobs that most other butchers don’t want to do; we’ll supply a chef, meet every single one of their requirements and do it well. It’s a huge challenge but one that’s extremely rewarding too.