80 Children + 1 head teacher + 50 sausages = a great lesson for the kids at Willow Lodge, Kings School.

The actual origin of the humble sausage is like the history of many other foods, not entirely known. It is believed they were being made in the Middle East in the Bronze Age, and they were seemingly popular with the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The word sausage derives from the Latin Salsisium, meaning something that has been salted, and over the centuries sausage has been adapted to fit climate and cultures across the globe, and as such what should go into a sausage varies widely depending on geography.

Jill Holgate, National Account Manager at Birtwistles, went on to say that sausages hold a special place in the hearts (and mouths) of most Brits.
A big reason for this is that they were part of our childhood and spark memories of family barbecues, rainy weekends and the weekend big breakfast.


The fact they are, (and hopefully always will be), a good way to make a quick, easy, family meal has made them a family favourite for generations. The kids at Willow Lodge, Kings School, Chester all nodded and agreed and couldn’t wait to get stuck in to our demonstration.

As you can see from our photo’s the kids all loved getting involved and couldn’t wait to taste what they had made. This is the first of many that Jill will be doing in schools over the next few weeks. Steffan Williams from Holroyd Howe assisted Jill.


Holroyd Howe who we have proudly supplied for the past 3 years caters for all Willow Lodge and the other schools still to be visited.

These are the comments from the Head.

Dear Jill,

It was lovely to meet you today. Attached are some photos for you to use. All 80 children thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions. The smell of the sausages was delicious! Parents, senior management and even a governor came to see!

Best wishes

Margaret Ainsworth

Head of Willow Lodge.